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Progressive Pleasers Progressive Pleasers are very similar to regular Pleasers except that there are consolation payouts if you don't win every game on your ticket. Software The software looks good.

5Dimes’ Sportsbook

Pleasers A pleaser bet is a collection of football and or basketball side straight bets that are combined into one bet. They offer freerolls, then their paid tourneys start at. Depending on the size of the teaser, all of your betting lines will be adjusted in your favor. Before starting with Live Betting Ultra, check with support and see if you automatically receive this rebate or if you need to opt into it.

True Odds Open Parlays 5dimes rebate blackjack parlays are similar to regular parlays except that you are able to leave open slots to add games in at a later date.

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The Shark Tank is a download only for PC. These reduced juice bets are offered on the most popular and biggest sporting events regularly. For example, let's say that you have a -6 point teaser.

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Live Dealer Casino Here are the offers for their live dealer games. Multichance Teasers A multichance teaser is similar to a progressive teaser except that you receive the same payout regardless of how many wins over the threshold you are. This section was dead otherwise.

Monthly Blackjack Leaderboard Earn points for every bet. Radical Roulette Wednesdays — Play every Wednesday from pm. The games they offer include holdem, omaha, Chinese Poker and Big 2. There is a minimum threshold of games that you must pick correctly to begin receiving payouts.

This is the first step in improving the outdated user interface on 5Dimes. To win, all you need to do is receive a hand of of diamonds totaling Not one table was running. Remember that you receive 1 comp point for wagering the amount listed on the table. It probably makes sense to wait. This new interface is more user-friendly 5dimes rebate blackjack allows you to monitor your picks incredibly easily.

We used their HTML5 software to check out what games they offer. Not available with phone accounts For those players electing to use the phone to place their wagers, here are the minimum deposit and bet amounts.

Remember, 5Dimes is always adding to this list so check back if you don't see your favorite game. If you are looking for the in-game betting, click on live betting extra after you create your 5Dimes account. Here are their general offers found on their promotions page.

The interface is great if you have many bets going as you're able to filter your bets easily and all of your lines will automatically refresh instantly. Progressive Parlays Progressive parlays work similarly to regular parlays except that you can still collect station winnings if you have an incorrect selection.

Ratings Breakdown

There are too many offers to list here. Multichance Parlays A multichance parlay is similar to a progressive parlay except that you receive the same payout regardless of how many wins over the threshold you are. This has no rollover. Free 5dimes rebate blackjack Reward Get one free payout, on any day, once every 30 days.

You will see a myriad of options for in-game wagering. But here are the details anyway.

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Pleaser bets are the exact opposite of teaser bets. To be honest, they were still a bit confusing after several glances, but they still look pretty cool. This is easily their weakest product.

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They offer the following less popular, but still lucrative bets: As we mentioned with multichance parlays, there are great for entertainment value as your teaser is not dead if you lose a game.

This is different from the flat-rate most casinos use. This is perfect for players who like to bet, but might be out at a sports bar, friend's house, or at the game. Wager on overnight basketball, hockey, baseball lines and more. Most had no players at all. Players in the US and Canada will receive a 2. This can be accessed from the drop-down at the top left of your 5Dimes Sportsbook account.

It looks like they may have moved on from this room, though, based on what we found during our research. Phone accounts are able to be accessed 24 hours a day. You can see the entire list on their website.

There are several variations of teasers that you can choose from. The user-friendly interface makes betting easy regardless of the type of device you happen to be on.

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These are bets that the sportsbook decides to offer reduced casino fees on. This means you can place wagers directly from your phone without even having an internet connection. If only they had more traffic. You can play holdem with stakes starting at. Instead of the lines all moving in your favor, they all move against your favor. Reduced Juice Bets You've also heard us mention a few times the reduced juice bets.

All betting types fixed, pot and no limit are offered. All the others were empty. Keep in mind the 1. Here are the software features they say they have: Overall, the Grand Poker Room is solid. If you are interested in the Vegas teaser rules, you will need to contact support to enable this on your account. Live Betting Ultra This is the upgraded version of the standard live in-game wagering offered at 5Dimes.

For example, if you bet sac a dos a roulette batman 3 teamer and one game is a tie, you would then effectively have a 2 teamer. Grand Poker Room Their Grand Poker room has 3 software options — a download, instant play and mobile app.

Every game that you pick correctly over this threshold results in higher payouts. The good news too is that these are not just available on the obscure or less popular sports. Online open parlays are able to have up to 24 open spots.

Live Betting Extra This form of in-game betting seems rather similar to the first two except that it boasts a mobile friendly platform. This jackpot is free for live dealer players — no extra bet required. All of them appear to be table, video poker or specialty games.

The Live Betting Ultra system also comes with a rebate program. All of the bets on your card will be moved 6 points in your favor. Your cash game and betting options are the same. These are great for entertainment value as your parlay is not dead if you lose a game. The mobile app is compatible with both Android and 5dimes rebate blackjack.

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To win, you must pick a certain number of games correctly to begin receiving a payout. Progressive Teasers Progressive Teasers work similarly to regular teasers except that you can still collect consolation winnings if you have an incorrect selection.