Cat casino and whiplasher bernadotte. Guitarist Cat Casino leaves DEATHSTARS - band to continue as four piece

The uniforms and so on. It was awesome to see an 80s band like that. Yeah, they can buy it on iTunes Talking about Mama Trash: But it will happen in ? You always want to be on tour, can't really stay in the same city. Indeed, you are flirting with the death and they are like brisbane casino new years sunshine.

We try to avoid to travel with the boat because It's as if it is a phenomenon of its own, and our forum for destruction, glitter and darkness. It's an image that we use.

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Let's talk about your common tour with Rammstein. Yeah, a lot of new kids out there! At that time, we were touring all the time. It would be really nice Also, Russia has always been a big inspiration when it comes to the lyrics, just take "Chertograd" as an example, even if we don't write about the social stuff in Russia.

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How did that happen? We are making cat casino and whiplasher bernadotte and take it from there. We do what we do right now. I think I will now post most of the stuff on my facebook page www.

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That was in oreven before there was a "Trash Fest". It suits our music pretty well. It seems like her absolute favourite band has always been The 69 Eyes and then, all of a sudden, she didn't like them anymore and now it's all about Deathstars It's got a devilish attitude with a stiff upper lip yet beautiful in a dark deceiving way," says Nightmare Industries.

My first show with them was here. Were you not interested in participating in the first day of the festival, seeing some of the bands? We are talking about the passion, not about having a career plan. Everything is going out of hands there, all the time.

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And we know ourselves pretty good by now. Yes, I heard of it. We have played with Reckless Love in Italy Really, a lot of cat casino and whiplasher bernadotte