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While most of the potholes are benign, I personally have experienced a few "vomitous-maximus" pools in my trips through this canyon. The hike up this drainage is non-technical, but there are a few obstacles that are bypassed by social trails to the side of the streambed.

While the climb out is not at all technical, it is a Class 3 scramble and could be intimidating to those with a fear of heights. Misery Canyon has a tendency to always have one or two really "ripe" pools. Fat mans misery slot Canyoneering Misery Canyon is a great technical adventure.

A GPS is very useful. There are several popular routes into the canyon to stop you from getting bored. Now and then there is a little flood-plain, on which we can walk, and we cross and recross the stream and wade along the channel where the water is so swift as almost to carry us off our feet and were are in danger every moment of being swept down, until night comes on. At noon we are in a canyon 2, feet deep, and we come to a fall where the walls are broken down and huge rocks beset the channel, on which we obtain a foothold to reach a level feet below.

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All routes contain outstanding scenery. The immediately following chute may be difficult to downclimb, so you can use the arch as an anchor to rappel off of. Now it's time for some fun! The canyon is enjoyable with several short rappels, scrambling, downclimbing and plenty of swimming and wading. But first, walk the grassy bench around the corner to view a curious landmark: Return to the East Canyon Please note: The following excerpts are from Powell's journal.

West Fork of Misery Canyon Map: After three miles of uphill hiking from Parunuweap, you will be back at the saddle of Checkerboard Canyon, retracing your steps back to the car. This route is suitable for experienced hikers only and is not a candidate for beginners or those in poor physical condition.

However, the Park will issue you a permit if you ask for one. Hike north amongst the slickrock, staying fairly close to the ridge line and avoid heading west too soon into the drainage to the west. Just past where the West Fork meets the East Fork, the canyon starts to get more interesting and scenic. View Purchasing and Ordering information. Parunuweap is a lovely isolated section of canyon, comparable to the more popular Zion Narrows North Fork of the Virgin River.

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Here the canyon is again wider, and we find a flood-plain along which we can walk, now on this, now on that side of the stream. If you would like more information on joining the "Circle of Friends" visit the sign up page.

The canyon here is about 1, feet deep.

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A short 15' rappel off an old bolt or a downclimb takes you into the slot. Lower Slot Section and Grotto: Jones teacher, topographer, Joseph W.

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Just downstream are the final sandstone cascades and the confluence with the mighty Parunuweap Canyon. Please be as gentle as possible with your rope pull!

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Evaluate each obstacle and do what is best for you; one person's downclimb is another person's rappel! Upper Slots West Fork of Misery: Wetsuits aren't needed during the warmer months. Misery Canyon has a moderate flashflood danger.

We make progress with very great labor, having to climb over piles of broken rocks. There are places where the river in sweeping by curves has cut far under the rocks, but still preserves its narrow channel, so that there is an overhanging wall on one side and an inclined wall on the other.

It is not a wide stream-- only 20 or 30 feet across fat mans misery slot most places; shallow, but very swift.

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You will cross over two minor drainages not counting the one south of the saddle until you reach the third: Soon enough, you will be several hundred feet above the river with an impressive view of the canyon below and the climb will start to level off. Just before the confluence with the East Fork, you can avoid a final short slot section by hiking up the east wall and scrambling down several ledges.

It has been very narrow and winding all the way down to this point. While the name "Fat Man's Misery" refers to a geological feature that has long since eroded away, "Misery" lives on to describe the hot uphill slog. Soon we come to places so narrow that the river fills the channel and we wade perforce. While hiking down the river, keep your eye open for the exit route on the right north side of the canyon.

In places a few hundred feet above, it becomes vertical again, and thus the view to the sky is entirely closed. Navigation for Misery is moderately difficult.