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Some time later, the scientist will return. Since the Scientist will not be able to call the Sheikh to confirm the DNA research is genuine, you will need to quietly and quickly dispose of the Sheikh as well before you can leave, remember you can hide a gun in the DNA briefcase as well.

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Wait in the corner behind the stalls, and when Schmutz arrives, nudge to the man who always is in the bathroom flexing. Another way to kill the Sheikh is by using hitman blood money casino elevator. Another method that will surely get you SA: A guard will be angrily telling you not to go. Let bodyguards search you and then enter private area.

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Your keycard will only allow you to take the elevators to the 7th floor and it'll only work on Room While in the hatch, the trip can be somewhat boring, so be patient. A cut scene will be shown above as the Sheikh is getting out of the car.

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Hendrik Schmutz Similar deal to before. Take his keycard and jump down before the elevator reaches the floor.

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Redial the phone on the table in the bedroom and go out to the balcony. Though you might be caught in the process, it is recommended to save before entering the private area of the Sheikh in case anything goes wrong.

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It is safe to have your SLP. Instead of fighting your way in, go back around the corner and find a fire alarm out of sight.

One thing you should know: If it does, and you're still on the top, just wait for the doors to close. You can also strangle the scientist in the elevator, take the payment briefcase, go to roomplan the bomb in DNA casino kash echegaray briefcase and wait biscuit casino recette Schmutz-Al Kalifa meeting to blow the bomb, then escape with the payment Presumably, case-bombing the Payment Briefcase would also work, but is slightly more difficult.

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Snipe him quickly and you'll have hitman blood money casino elevator all your targets. Make sure you have the sniper briefcase, leaving the payment briefcase that the scientist had on top of one of the elevators.

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All Three No Silent Assassin An alternate way to kill all three is to go to the 7th floor, enter 47's room and cross the balconies to enter Schmutz's room Make sure the patrolling cop is nowhere in sight before you climb in. If you are close enough you can see yourself as well.

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Keep an eye on the double doors and wait for the Sheikh Al-Khalifa to exit through these double doors. After killing Hendrik [by elevator strangling method] Get Hendrik's clothes optional and the keycard to his room, and gun if necessary.

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