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Tub craps table was my theory anyway. I know one - me! The law of controlled shooting is that the sum of all the forces must equal zero or close to it to get the result you are aiming for. For those who have never heard of or seen a tub, it's a small table, maybe the size of two blackjack tables, sunken just like a regular craps table, where about eight players sit around you aren't allowed to stand at it and there's a mini-layout, one dealer for the whole table.

As my trials got into the thousands and then to 20, I realized that my new Scobe Tub Method was no better than shooting randomly. Not only is my Golden Touch craps table great for practice, but it is a great looking piece of furniture!

I was afraid it would be your typical engineering nightmare to figure out the assembly.

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We are taking orders today! Check our seminar schedule then book your place online! I tried to use a modified "Method. I had told the members of www.

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Now, my helicopter shot had both dice spinning parallel to the table, one on top of the other. From a sitting position I just couldn't get enough of my body up and over the rail to do any body movement. For the person who has everything! I was hitting the hard 6 like it was going out of style.

Still I did make a little money during that week but, being a gambler, I wanted to make more than a little and, if possible, much more than a little. So I set up my casino craps rig at home to simulate cenar en el buffet del casino de torrelodones tub and I practiced every day for six months, keeping careful records of all the throws, sets, results and this is what I found.

Wasn't happy with it.

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A helicopter shot is not hard to picture. Last spring, I played the tub at Casino Royale in Vegas for about a week, off and on as it is almost always crowded.

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You can really see that the workmanship is high quality! Then it hit me that tub craps table helicopter shot would be ideal for the tubs of the world. Using a helicopter shot at a regular table is not a wise idea since the force and spin necessary to get it down to the back wall are too great to have much control.

They are not made by an independent carpenter but a nationally known mill shop. Using a practice rig or a homemade table such as I built originally is better than nothing, but using the real thing makes a tremendous difference.

The thing that I like most is that when I walk up to a casino table I'm not intimidated by it's size nor the rails as I'm used to it since I have exactly that to practice on at home. I tried a simple wrist flick.

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Additional options are available such as padded arm rest and drink tray, please call for pricing. Well, there is a moral to the story here and it is this: What a genius you are for the easy table, Dom!!! My method actually called "The Method" and developed by the Captain requires full body movement, much like Tai Chi, and didn't translate perfectly to a sitting down position.

They spin clockwise or counterclockwise and parallel to the table. The appearance of the numbers was reflective of randomness and not control. The crate sat in my garage, the big pieces in the box.

Okay, so it didn't work, so what?

Yes, I still practice several hours each day. They hit, the bottom one stops on a dime, the top die's pressure causes the bottom one to stop spinning just like that, and even if not done correctly that bottom die might continue to spin tub craps table a few revolutions, nevertheless the face that appears is the one that was set on top.

The other die, the top die, spins off, but doesn't lose its bearing and also lands in such a way that it does a double pitch. We removed the small items right away, but as I said before, we could not get the 2 big horse shoe pieces down into my basement. Our table is hand-made in our mill shop. Fortunately, I have an unused workshop in the back of my house. Click on an image to enlarge it.

All regulation tables are specially ordered and made specifically for the customer on an individual basis. Our regulation 12 foot Casino Craps Table is perfect for practice and home parties.

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If anyone is interested in your table, I can certainly vouch for it! Later, I will install an air conditioning unit.

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Once an order for a regulation craps table is placed, there will not be a refund of your deposit. The tub, where you are only about three to four feet from the back wall a small portion of which is flat would seem the ideal place to work some magic.

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My Helicopter Shot Crashes! I did this before I actually had any real data - just a few hundred initial throws that made me look like a hot shot.

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With a real Casino Craps Table, you can practice your precision dice shooting any time or just throw a party for your friends. The table is easily put together. Now, I have to go back and explain that what looked promising didn't turn out to have any more promise than picking up the dice, shaking them, blowing on them, winging them down the tub as I screamed, "Baby needs a new pair of whatevers!

Oh, yes, it is hard indeed to master!

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But then reality intervened. After several hours of play, I adapted my throw and had good runs at the table, but nothing better than 15 numbers on any one hand.