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Phantom z mini slot price, however,...

For those wondering, this is a good awesome display.


Its obvious that they listened to the wish of the fansand produced a much more better device than the Phantom 5. HiOs provides better customizationand a collection of themes and wallpapers to choose from.

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The Phantom 6 provides a biometric iris scanner which scans you eyes before unlocking the device. Another important aspect with mini devices is the price comparison. This is the combination of browsing the internet, making phone calls and playing some videos. It is commendable that Tecno decided on a solid device instead just a watered down version of its flagship.

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Therefore, for those looking to get a smart watch, they will be glad to know that the Tecno Phantom Z will be supported. This resulted in a drop in the screen resolution density from ppi [Phantom Z] to ppi [Phantom Z Mini].


With the smart cover, which is more like what you have with recent Samsung devices; you don't need to open up the smartphone to see notifications as they can be seen through the smart cover and then you can choose to interact with the device or not.

The back is slightly curved to enable a more firm grip.

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It is, therefore, interesting that the Phantom Z Mini is actually 0. This is based on appearance, specifications, accessories and features when compared to other devices in its price bracket.

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The battery should take you through at least 7 hours of heavy usage. However, with the Tecno Phantom Z, Tecno upgraded their game. Operating System If there's any area that we believe that Tecno have lagged behind, it's in the OS in their smartphones which has always been Andriod Jelly Bean 4.

Each layer adds a unique element to the overall appearance of the device.

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Both devices run on the Android 6. In fact it's thinner than previous Tecno devices but the top and bottom bezel is wide enough to allow for proper handling when holding it horizontally without interfering with the touchscreen.

More images of the Tecno Phantom Z can be found here for those that want to feed their eyes. However, this can be adjusted from the camera settings menu. However, in the event that there is a need for more space, your only option is to turn to the likesof Google Drive, Dropbox etc as the Phantom Z doesn't have an external memory card slot.

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We've heard mostly conflicting information with respect to specs, pricing and even quality review and image of the device. Jumia Nigeria — Tecno Phantom No NFC nor wireless sohngaardsholm slot phantom z mini slot price capability has some people have suggested.

The dimensions are Phantom 6 is beautiful all round. Tecno Phantom Z with the model number being A7 is the newest and the flagship device of Tecno-mobile with outstanding features and specifications. On purchase, you get mAh powerbank in a pack and a Smart Cover in another pack alongside the smartphone, USB cable, battery and earphone in a third pack.

Also, most smart watches needs Android 4. Images and videos are sharp and radiant. Furthermore, since taking selfies an Skype video calls has become the other of the day in this era, the front camera have found more usefulness than ever before.

And if you want more securityyou can get the Phantom 6 Plus which comes with both the iris scanner and a fingerprint reader at the back.

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Price Tag Various price tag will deifinitely exist for various stores but as far the ones we've seen so far, the Phantom Z is selling for N53, and the highest price we've seen so far was N56, We believe its going to be a whuile before we see any Tecno device with NFC capabilities talkless of wireless charging capabilities.

From bottom up, the body is made up of a Nano molding seamless metal unibody, a firm fastener, a non-detachable battery designand an aluminum magnesium alloy frame. Of course, these screen properties will be obvious on the pricing of the Tecno A7.

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Dimensions and Screen Holding the device in our hands, it felt so comfortable. Most will buy a mini variant not because they necessarily prefer that one, but rather because they want a bit of the flagship experience while on a budget. For a Tecno device, this may seemed very pricy for some but considering the specifications and other things the Phantom Z has, you would agree that the price is just slightly above good.

Verdict The truth is, the Tecno Phantom Z aka A7 packs a punch and as we continue to test out and use the device, we shall be updating this post to reflect our observations. What is the durability and efficiency of this Tecno Phantom Z?

There has however, been report after report that Tecno cameras look pretty of paper but perform dismally when compared with the other brands. Soshould you buy?