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A reheat button usually activates a short one minute cycle to heat up cold toast. It creates evenly colored and crisped toast, with settings that are easy to adjust on an LED screen. Our guide to the best bread makers that you can buy How to buy the best toaster for you Buying a new toaster should be simple: The other models all succeeded in making a Toaster Strudel with an interior temperature above degrees after the first cycle.

Clearly this technology has been well-developed, as we were pleased with most all of the bagels that popped up.

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Magimix 2-Slot Vision Toaster Price: Toast best wide slot toaster uk the oven is often flakey and dry. In a slot toaster, because the source of heat is so close, the space tightly confined, and the duration so quick, the moisture inside bagels and breads does not escape. Pause — sometimes called 'lift and look' — means you can have a sneaky peak at the browning process before pressing the toast back down again to where it left off.

Similarly, 'A bit more' button gives your toast an extra 30 seconds. Another popular setting is the frozen or defrost button, which is designed for food coming directly from the freezer. A defrost setting is useful for frozen bread. The one disappointment was the Oster Jelly Bean, which seemed to do the exact same thing to both sides of the bagel.

The ability to simply push a button or lever, and then move onto other tasks makes a slot toaster much more convenient — particularly for those mornings when minutes seem to fly by as you try to get out the door.

Toaster bagsmade of heat-resistant and food-safe Teflon, allow you to cook pretty much anything that will fit in the slots. First, it defrosts bread then switches to the toasting cycle. Most have twin crumb trays, one for each pair of slots, around the rear. The great thing is that you can easily see if your toasting setting is set a little too high, and step in before it's overdone.

Using the stove is certainly quicker than waiting for the oven to preheat and crisp the toast, but the pan has to be actively tended and then washed. KitchenAid 2-Slice Why you need a slot toaster Some may think that there are many ways to heat bread, bagels, and frozen waffles. It can safely and easily be moved around the kitchen immediately after use. If you're unsure which features you need, or should be looking for, then our buying guide below will give you a crash course in buying the perfect toaster - and trust us, it's a little more complicated than it sounds.

Making a taste comparison between the models is difficult, as everyone has different taste buds, different expectations, and different reactions. How we tested Speed and consistency We wanted to find out how reliably each toaster produced the same shading and texture on the same medium setting over five toasting cycles.

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The push button mechanical lowering and automatic raising is luxurious and futuristic. It proved itself as one of the most consistent toasters in the top seven. During our test for consistency, the Cuisinart continued to decrease the time bread spent lowered into the slots, ensuring that a medium toast looked the same after five rounds as it did after the first.

A sandwich rack can be a godsend if best wide slot toaster uk like toasted sandwiches. Because of this we tend to stick best wide slot toaster uk recommending and reviewing four-slice models, but bear in mind that there are usually two-slice versions of these, which will perform practically identically to their larger siblings.

The large LED screen is easy to view, and the settings are intuitive.

How we picked our finalists

All the toasters we've seen have built-in crumb trays, which catch the crumbs in the bottom of the toaster and can then be slid out easily for disposal. However, the toast that emerged from the Frigidaire house of fun free slot machines had a clearly different texture than all the others.

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The bags, which trap any crumbs, melting cheese, or loose topping are washable and reusable. It seemed denser and compressed, and the edges crumbled and flaked with even the most careful handling.

On this page, you'll find all of the toasters that have met our stringent toast expectations.

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As the slices get wider, they get closer to the heated wires inside the slots, and the edges darken quicker and more dramatically than the middle surface area of the bread. Toast quality After observing the speed and consistency of multiple rounds, we turned our attention to the quality of the toast itself.

After the first toasting, the outside temperature of the toaster was 86 degrees, which increased to 93 degrees following the second toasting. At just under four minutes, the Frigidaire Professional 4-Slice was by far the slowest to achieve a medium toast.

The best toasters you can buy

Many of the toasters provide an evenly shaded slice from left to right on the same side, but there is a discernable difference between the top and bottom, with the bottom almost always being a bit darker. With the confined shape of toaster bags, you can also add your favorite toppings or spreads before toasting.

What to look for in a toaster Number of slots Best wide slot toaster uk single person or couple will most likely be served well with a two-slot toaster while a larger family would probably benefit from the extra slots, particularly when multiple people need to use it in a short time period.

A single control means the timer is set for all four slots, fine if you all want your toast done the same way. The toasters that created the most consistent toast from rounds one to five adjusted the time toast spent in the slots while also altering the intensity of the heat.

Its two crumb trays pick up a lot of pieces and are easy to remove and clean. It toasted faster than any other four-slot toaster.

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It took the KRUPS toaster two minutes and 45 seconds to toast our first slice, but the toasting time dropped to two minutes and 15 seconds for the second slice, since the toaster had warmed up.