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Double Down Doubling down is asking to be dealt only one extra card and doubling the original bet. Twenty-eight multiplied by twenty-eight means that 8 percent of the time the two hands will go over 21, and since the player will draw first, the dealer will win when they both bust.

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Dealers must stand not take any more cards if their hand totals 17 or more. An Ace counts as 1 point or 11 points, whichever is better for owner of the hand.

How to play blackjack?

Some games will give players their bets back, and some versions consider a push to be in the favor of the house. Some games obligate the dealer to stand on all 17s, and some require the dealer to stop at only Hard 17s.

How to Play Blackjack -The Basics, Splitting & Doubling Down

The book was written in the early 17th century, which adds credibility to the theory that the game originated in Spain. At that blackjack rules splitting aces, the game was still named Therefore, other players' cards are not important unless the player is counting cards. For example, the dealer was the only person permitted to sugarhouse casino interview tips down, and there were wagering rounds between each dealt card.

Players can split unlike ten-value cards depending on the rules of each game; some allow it while some require players to get identical ten value cards so they can split. The perfect choice of when to split concerns splitting Aces and 8's. For a blackjack, players will be rewarded more than the usual winning hand usually 3 to 2 while regular winning hands would pay even money one to one.

Once players stand, the dealer will show his hole card, which is the card that was facing down. This is the final bet and players will not be able to reduce it or add to it unless the game allows for doubling down during the gameplay.

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Some researchers believe that the game was derived from other card games that were popular in France at the time. The two hands will have the same value of the original bet. If they surrender, they will forfeit the hand, and they will lose half of their bet.

Eventually, the game was introduced to the US. Aces can be counted as 11 or 1, depending on the blackjack hand. The game is sometimes referred to blackjack rules splitting aces 21, as players will try to get a hand total that is equal Rules That Affect Blackjack Basic Strategy Blackjack basic strategy is created for the classic blackjack rulesbut there are some casinos that make small changes in their basic rules.

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Nonetheless, most people agree the game of Blackjack originated in France in its land-based casinos in the s. Blackjack History The origin of Blackjack, like many other casino games, is still debatable.

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For example, a hand that consists of an Ace and a five is a soft sixteen and a hard six. This is the main advantage the house has, and if everything else is equal, the house edge in a standard game of blackjack would be equal 8 percent. This will enable players to optimize their game to the fullest by knowing the percentage of busting if they ask for one more card.

The dealer's card is face down and called the "hole" card.

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Split In case first two cards dealt were a pair of cards of the same value, the player may choose to split them forming two hands and thus doubling the bet. When the showdown occurs, players will not compare their blackjack hands together, but will instead compare their hands with the hand of the dealer.

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The player's hand is compared only to the dealers hand as the player plays only against the dealer. Blackjack researchers created a simulation program based upon all possible blackjack hands to develop what we now know as blackjack basic strategy.

The dealer goes from one player to another and they choose whether to Hit take another card or to Stand take no more cards.

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You must consider your cards and your dealer's card and remember, if you go over 21, you "bust", and if you "bust" you lose. More on Splitting Pairs Doubling Down You may place an additional bet not exceeding your original bet if your first two cards total 9,10 or 11 without aces. All other cards have their numerical face value. More on Doubling Down Insurance If the first card dealt to the dealer is an ace, the dealer will announce "Insurance".