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Landing slot po polsku. leading edge slot - Tłumaczenie po polsku - Słownik angielsko-polski Diki

Both wings also had leading edge slots along their full length. This wing had full span leading edge slots and camber changing flaps. The album's sound saw OMD's original synth-pop sound augmented by the Mellotronan instrument previously associated with prog rock bands.

The unusual graphics that feature on the sleeve were partially inspired by Andy and Paul's original musical notation style.

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In fact, the A-side was the band's original demo produced by their friend, owner of Winston and soon to be manager, Paul Collister under the pseudonym Chester Valentino taken from a nightclub called Valentino's in the nearby city of Chester.

The concert was recorded and made available on double CD right after the show. It ushered in a lush choral electronic sound. However, it was at this point when OMD broke in two. The design initially featured both Flap aircraft and a leading edge slot. Two more hit singles "Joan of Arc" and " Maid of Orleans " which became the biggest-selling single of in Germany [16] were taken from the album.

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The leading edge slot was therefore one of the earliest forms of boundary layer control. Reviews for both the album and their concerts have generally been positive. Disbandment [ edit ] Though both Liberator and Universal produced minor hits, McCluskey retired the OMD name in latedue to waning public interest.

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The group went into the studio with Richard Mainwaring producing. The wing was fitted with leading edge slots and flaps to give a good landing performance. The tour landing slot po polsku this album had a 4-piece band line-up, with saxophonist Martin Cooper another Dalek I Love You alumnus recruited for keyboard duties.

Cooper then temporarily dropped out and was replaced by Mike Douglas, but this change was reversed by the time the album was released and a tour embarked upon.

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The name was gleaned from a list of song lyrics and ideas that were written on McCluskey's bedroom wall; [5] the name was chosen so as not to be mistaken for a punk band. When you suddenly hear it through someone else's ears and think: The group began to gig regularly in the Merseyside area, performing original material largely written by McCluskey and Humphreys. There were fixed leading edge slots and trailing edge ailerons but no conventional flaps.

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In September[11] McCluskey and Humphreys put together the seven-piece three singers, two guitarists, bassist, drummer, and keyboard player Wirral group The Idwhose line-up included drummer Malcolm Holmes and McCluskey's girlfriend Julia Kneale on vocals.

Leading edge slots are fitted ahead of the ailerons. It had a simple, raw, poppy, melodic synth-pop sound.

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The album was a success, reassuring the group about their new direction. The Next Generation was named after the track.