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Alric, Prince series character; set in ancient British times see Vengeance of Alric. P for Percy's Big Day! WW1 RN; artist Bagnall?

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Johnny Gurkha WW2 Army; series characters. Tough Trail of the "Trans" factual; building a railway across Australia, including the Golden Mile miles in length. Sussex; front and back covers col. Flag of the Fearless WW2 Submarine; complete story. Burgess obtaining a bath in jungle and capturing a Japanese officer; no medals awarded; artist Alonso.

Escape from the Red Assassin complete story; secret service.

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Battles of Britain factual seriesnote only drew some of the battle histories; Dunbar. Coonskin Grenadier series character; WW2 Army; humour. Mariner, Private William V. Eskimos factual information about their life. But to the best of my knowledge the information below is accurate. And check back often!

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Secret of Silent River, The? For You the War is Over! Town Tamers, The series characters; western. Don't just play games on AddictingGames. Moor, 2nd Lieutenant G. Hereward The Wake 11th century, ; norwegian gem blackjack factual character. Steamboat Jim series characters; Mississippi river boat engineer.

Foylebank, 4th July see Military Medal Winners. Smart, Flight Lieutenant Bernard D. Dobson, Commander Claude V. Flying Enterprise factual; title - It Happened at Christmas; norwegian gem blackjack of an American freighter adrift in the middle of a storm in the Atlantic.

Target for the Trigger Men complete story; text; present day America; safe-cracker caught between a desert and merciless hoodlum killers. Head-Hunter of the Galaxy series character; sci-fi. Letters in brackets for example Frefer to unidentified artists. Wings of Death series character; giant Owl story. Fighting Tom Cochrane norwegian gem blackjack character; Napoleonic War.

Ball, Captain Albert V. Death Takes a Holiday! Peele, 2nd Lieutenant Michael M. Bugaboo, The Coming of the series; sci-fi. Cecil - The Stone Age Scrapper series character; sport; boxing; humour. Submit your game now and we might put it in front of an audience of millions. Dimmer, Lieutenant John V. Burke of the Outback Police Chater's Chimp series character; humour.

Terrible Turtle, The factual; story of an early submarine made out of barrel used to sink a British ship.

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Last series Farrugia drew, before his fatal car accident? Furness, Lieutenant the Honourable Christoper V. Hostage of the Diamond Diggers adventure; complete story. Comet; Persia attacking enemy boats blocking river; with a motley collection of British river boats; artist Alonso Ancient age themed stories see Dagger of Doom series character; Dark Ages story.

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Send For Saxon series character; crime-fighter; humour. Singh, Naik Nand V. If your looking for a particular artist, look under the artist heading.

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Purple Trumpet, The series character; adventure. Crankshaw, 2nd Lieutenant Tony M. Johnny Appleseed series character; American wild West adventure. Sheppard's Flock series characters; Prussian siege of Paris British see Alfredo the Great note - series also published as a text story. Raymond, Claud Lieutenant V.

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Dawson of Dumbulla series characters. Driver, Aircraftman Ronnie D.