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Louise heads to Fantasy for fun a few times a month and says she has hit a couple other jackpots here as well. When the wheel slowed and finally came to a stop, an initial silence fell on the crowd. That was the winning combination for Richard B.

A big congratulations goes out to Margaret Ann J.

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George Hayes, a retiree from Hemet, CA, came into the resort on a casino-hopping trip with a friend. Then the one next to it and the last one did that, too. That meant he won the entire progressive amount, all because he had bet an extra dollar. He says he stops into his favorite local casino Fantasy Springs about every other week.

Then, she remembered she picked up her mail the previous day but had not opened it. She said she plans on buying a Kindle with the Best Buy gift card. He plans on paying off his car with his most recent jackpot. Visit the arcade with the latest video games, the snack bar, and the Sports lounge for adults. Miguel says he sat at the penny slot for just 5 minutes when the rows aligned, sweetening the pot quite a bit.

This accountant sure knows his way around money. You could be next. I cannot believe I won! It's no surprise this machine is his favorite, he plays it times a week and it's not the first time he's won big. Mike says he spent 3 dollars and just a couple of minutes on the machine before he won and plans to take it all to the bank.

Richard was hopeful as he watched the first reel land on a Wheel of Fortune symbol in the center of the screen. Her daughter manages a local medical clinic and according to Carmen, needs to drive to San Diego twice a month for her job. Without a valid ID, she could not enter the drawing. She planned to use some of the winnings to pay bills and some for another trip to Fantasy Springs.

Raymond says his grandfather enjoys some leisure time at casinos so the dutiful grandson tries to take him for a gaming outing about every other month. Congrats Robert, see you soon! She never played it, however, until one fateful Saturday. They both frequently visit Fantasy Springs and say they will definitely be back. Bowling - Bring the family and friends and bowl on one of the 24 state-of-the-art lanes featuring bumpers for the little bowlers.

The BMW will still be in the family so Carmen said she will be able to drive it once in a while. Anita is no stranger to big jackpots. After earning two qualifying chances to become eligible for the Rolling out the Range Rover Giveaway, Ramon won his biggest jackpot to date.

His eyes lit up with elation. Flippo got quite the birthday present from Fantasy Springs Resort Casino, the La Palma man stopped by the resort on a whim on his way home from out of town and hit the jackpot. The next reel, then the third then both landed on Wheel of Fortune symbols in the middle of the slot machine glass.

This time she plans to put all her winnings towards paying bills Donetta D. I am so happy, I could cry. The California man says the only thing that went through his mind when the bells went off was, "oh yeah! The wheel clicked through to the No. After the clock turned to the next hour, Tara watched as the reels lined up across the center of the machine - two Times Pay symbols and one red "7.

The landscaper from Indio walked away a huge winner Saturday night. Congratulations to local regular Sherri P. She says she's looking forward to helping out the economy a bit this Labor Day weekend and plans to spend some of the money going shopping with her daughter.

Joann says the only thing that went thru her mind when she won both jackpots was OMG! Fantasy Springs congratulates all of its many recent treasure island casino entertainment winners. No one yelled or jumped up to claim the car. When the symbols lined up across the center of the screen and his machine began to light up, Thomas got very excited.

Michael plans to use some of the cash to buy furniture for his new home. You could be the next is gambling legal in palm springs jackpot winner at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino.

The landscaper from Desert Hot Springs says this is the first time he's ever won at a casino and plans to put the cash towards buying a house.

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On one her of regular trips on one of her favorite machines Sherri couldn't believe her eyes when she saw the three Quick Hit symbols stop across is gambling legal in palm springs pay line. This regular player frequents Fantasy Springs almost daily and has walked out with quite a few jackpot winnings over time. On her next spin, the Quick Hit symbols landed in the center of the screen.

With year-round sunny warm weather, enjoying the good life is is a year-round past time in Palm Springs. She says she was only at the machine for 15 minutes when she hit the jackpot and plans to come back to Fantasy Springs and play more with her winnings. The wheel came to rest on space 19, the same number keychain belonging to Eugenia A.

He stopped into Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on December 22nd for an evening of entertainment on the casino floor one last time.

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After about 30 minutes at the table, Claude could not is gambling legal in palm springs the hand he was dealt, a straight flush — 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 of Hearts. Fantasy Springs Casino Features: Prudent decision maker Carol M.

You wil also find burgars, ice cream, a Sports Bar, and more. He says this is the largest jackpot he's ever won and when the lights and bells sounded he didn't think it was real. The mechanic says he somehow knew luck was with him that day. The Lincoln, Nebraska resident was traveling in the Palm Springs area for the holidays and decided a stop into Fantasy Springs might be a lucky thing to do.

Lucky winner Milika A. You could be next! That way, on the chance he was dealt an ace and a king of spades and the dealer also bees casino an ace and king of spade, Michael would stand to win a lot of money.

It seemed clear she knew what she was doing, as this was not the first time Carol has won a jackpot. He said he played the machine for about 30 minutes when some of the bells started to sound. Thesquare foot casino features 2, slots and twenty-nine table games.

Juan just got married and says he plans to buy a home with his winnings. This was her first time playing slots with us and hit the jackpot after sitting for just a couple of minutes at the10x Pay machine. After the 25 minutes were up, the Claremont resident saw that the lights on his machine began to flash.

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He knew he had a good hand. She says she plans to use some of her winnings to pay bills, and will put the rest in savings.