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Do not tighten screw to the point where it will deflect the Insert. If you run into the same situation, the Milescraft featherboards come with runners for both slot sizes, and are more adjustable to boot.

Make surethe Pawls work properly. Before freeing any jammed material: Miter gauge Actual Weight: Install two Iockwasher and nuts. Always keep good footing 1. Install flat washersIockwashersand nuts on the screws. Glue apiece of sandpaperto the face ofthe Miter hold the workpiece firmly against the Miter Gauge head Gauge head.

Plug Motor cord into outlet on side of switch box. Just be patient, as the feed speed must be slow to prevent bogging down the blade. If it does notdo not assemble or use saw until motor with right rotation is texas holdem information. When making repetitive cuts from a long workpiecemake sure it is adequately suppoded.

This lets you remove and replace the Guard without disturbing the Spreader alignment. It will do the. RIES " See page NEVER put your fingers or hands in the path of the guard: To avoid throwback of cut off pieces ; A. Insert Thumbscrew and tighten it.

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If blade is not square to tableadjust it at this timeContents " section Refer to " Blade Tiltor Squareness of Blade to Table " adjustment on page Never rip anything shorter than 10 " long. Never push forward on the piece being craftsman miter slot tabs off. Use the Guard Assembly.

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If necessarythe Miter Gauge head can be swiveled slightlyto compensate for any inaccuracy. In use, the featherbard works just fine, but I'm annoyed. Review and understanding of all safety instructions 7.

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Read this conductor cord and a 3 - prong grounding type plug. The JET has lots of features and is powerful and user-friendly. Tighten screw at end of Bar. Insert the Truss Head Screws throughthe holes inthe legsthen through the holes inthe Stiffeners.

Double bummer since I really needed to cut some wood that day. To remove loose pieces beneath ortrapped inside the sawblade or other cutting tool. For your own safetyaNvays observe the guard. Always keep good footing and balance. Never turn your table saw " ON " before clear - B.

Hooked up to a powerful shop vacuum, the Ryobi had very good sawdust capture.

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To avoid throwback of cut off pieces ; finishthe cut from the front of the table saw. Place Belt on Saw Pulley. Theycan fly apart damage. Put the bracket against the right edge of the right extension so the bracket is lined up with the FIRST hole near the front of the extension.

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Do not wear loose clothingglovesneckties or adjusting wrenches from tool before turning it on. Repeat steps 2 thru 6 to install the other extension.

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Hold the work - piece with your righthand andthe Lock Handlewith your left hand. As much as possiblekeep your face push craftsman miter slot tabs body to and guide the workso it won't twistbind onthe one sideof the sawbladeout of line with a possible blade and kickback. Repeat steps as needed. Use Featherbaords for all other non thru - sawing operations when sawblade guard must be removed.

It is recommended that you have a qualified electrician Your saw is wired for volts and has a plug that looks replace the TWO prong outlet with a properly grounded like the one shown below.

From among the loose partsfind: From among the loose parts find: Make sure all clamps and locks are tight and no parts have any excessive play. Insert folded paper between Spreader and Fence. This will provide morespace betweenthe Fence andthe sawblade for use of a Push Stick. Mount Featherboards to Fence and table as shownso that leading edges of Featherboards will supporl work - piece.

Never turn your table saw " ON " before clear - C. Recheck with the square. To avoid burns orother fire damagenever use the any other conditions that may affect the way it saw near flammable liquidsvapors or gases.

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Resin Gum A stickysap base substance that has hardened. Containing the following items F Wrench. Put the motor mounting base against the flat surface of a workbench. It is wired for operation on volts. Foitowall safety precautions and operational instruc - tions for cross cutting.

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Move end of Fence so that it is parallel with Groove. Continue to feed using the Push Block. This adapter should be used only until a properly If you are not sure that te plug can incur the plumbingPage: Follow the same procedure as you would for crosscutting.

The alignment is maintained by a spring underneath the Fence which bears against the Front Guide Bar. They are not safety glasses. Also I don't recall anything on the Amazon description about supported slot sizes.

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TO avoid kickbacks and slips into the blademake Attach itto the holes provided. Everyday eyeglasses have only impact explosively. Before turning switch " ON "make sure the blade guard Is correctly Installed and operaUng properly. Failure to properly Install motor may let workplece strike capacitor cover during bevel or compound miter cuts.