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When I turned my attention back panel slot hemel hempstead the washing machine which was the reason for my visit in the first placeI found that the main motor control circuit board had exploded, causing the washing machine to fail. As soon as I approached the washing machine, I could hear mass gambling vote trickling from the area behind the dishwasher which was next to it.

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This includes voluntary or community work. I just cannot make any sense of why somebody would do this! Not a good idea!

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You will also receive a car parking permit to display whilst at your interview. The colony of slugs had built up over time in the perfect damp conditions provided by the loose dishwasher connection! On asking about the fault however, It became clear that the problem was with a dishwasher where the door would not close and the pump was running with the door open something which shouldn't normally be possible.

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Your outward appearance is important at interview. It may seem like an obvious point, but it is important that you are able to tell the interviewing panel clearly what it is about the job that appeals to you. I decided that it was a waste being gas qualified but not registered to do gas work so last week, I paid my fees and joined the Gas Safe register in my own name as before, I had always been registered under the company I was working for at the time.

I'm now into the final year of my current qualification before I have to do the course and tests all over again!

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One of these was a perfect fit for the hose in question so I put it inside the hose and reconnected it with a plastic clamp-tie for good measure. For more information, visit the Access to Work website or telephone At the weekend, I had a dishwasher fault to fix, in a garden!

I have re-created the fault in photos above on my own dishwasher. The latch springs forward and when you try to close the door, the latch hits the metal door bar that goes into the lock opening so it won't close and the dishwasher can actually then run with the door open.

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Read carefully the job description and person specification so that you are able to answer questions confidently. Having seen this fault many times before, I was able to advise the customer that the likely problem was that the switch inside the door had become latched, causing the dishwasher to be in 'door closed' mode.

Of course, the appliance worked normally and the owner was completely unaware roulette same number 3 times in a row this had been wired dangerously.

You should not use family or friends as your referees. This was stopping the water from coming through to the tank.

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So simple but I've been to countless customers who had no idea this was even possible! Provide information about any training and education you have received as this will help build a picture of your skills and attributes.

Therefore, to spin only, the customer selects this setting then has to wait for the machine to first rinse before the desired spin.

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I was able to talk the customer through putting a thin screwdriver behind the latch and flipping it back round to the open position. So, instead of the washing machine, my attention was turned to the more pressing problem of why water was running down the back of the dishwasher! Plan your journey carefully.

Try and use simple language to describe your experiences. However, don't just assume that if somebody is Gas Safe registered that they can work on your cooker or hob. As users of the disability confident scheme, we guarantee to interview all disabled applicants who meet the minimum criteria for the vacancy.

All applications are presented to the short-listing panel anonymously. If successful, you will receive an email asking you to book an interview slot online. Please do feel free to use the online booking system. There is an option on the application form to request that referees are not contacted until after you are offered a position.

Please fill in the form as fully and accurately as possible.