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The Tonight Show with Jay Leno debuted in Much like Paar, Carson became tired of fulfilling the workload of minutes a week, so as local newscasts expanded, The Tonight Show was shortened to 90 minutes and again to 60 minutes in with 15 weeks of vacation a year. Both shows aired immediately following Carson's Tonight Show at 1: When NBC offered Snyder the time slot after Letterman, he refused it, having always been resentful of the forced change in format, and NBC News Overnighta newscast, took the slot instead.

Many inincluding top executives at NBC, thought it was possible that Johnny Carson would retire after reaching his 25th anniversary on October 1,as it was such a logical cut-off point. The popularity of late-night shows in the United States has been cited as a key factor why Americans do not get the requisite seven to eight hours of sleep per night.

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As it was, there were also not yet enough television sets in the United States to make television broadcasting in late-night viable; Lester himself was a last-minute replacement host for up-and-coming year-old comic Don Hornsbywho caught polio and died less than a week before the show began.

When Rivers saw it, she was shocked to see that she was nowhere on the list despite the fact that she had been The Tonight Show's permanent guest host since Jake Sasseville entered the late night arena slot outlets in nigeria a self-syndication campaign got him clearance on several ABC affiliates by local general managers in Carson did not retire ininstead continuing as host until with Leno as sole permanent guest host.

After the two left, the format changed similar to that of Today and was renamed Tonight! ABC's first effort at late-night TV was slot outlets in nigeria by Les Cranewhich pioneered the controversial tabloid talk show format that would not become popular until two decades later. He felt it would damage the show's legacy as it always started after the late local news since it began in Many late-night talk shows went off the air in the days following the September 11 attacks ofwhile many of their networks aired round-the-clock news coverage.

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ABC opted not to compete against Carson with a late night talk show, instead counterprogramming with a successful news magazine entitled Nightline beginning in NBC confirmed the change on April 3, The Late Show continued with many unknown hosts until its cancellation. On December 9,it was announced that Jay Leno would be hosting a new nightly prime time show in Septemberwhich aired at 10 p.

Rivers was fired from The Late Show in after abysmal ratings and a battle with network executives, leading to her being replaced by Arsenio Hall. Politically Incorrect was canceled due to low ratings in the summer ofafter which Maher joined HBO and began hosting the similarly formatted weekly series Real Time.

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From toRivers and Brenner served as Carson's permanent guest hosts. Another slot outlets in nigeria show that earned significant clearance in the late s was Comics Unleasheda panel comedy show that lasted only one season but ran in reruns for several years afterward.

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Leno explained that he did not want to see a repeat of the hard feelings and controversy that occurred when he was given the show over David Letterman following Carson's retirement in In his final years, Carson produced new shows only three nights a week with guest hosts and "Best of Carson" reruns the other two nights. The Jay Leno Show ended after a short run on February 9,due to low ratings, which, combined with NBC's poor prime-time performance at the time, affected viewership of its lead-out late newscasts on many NBC stations.

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For instance, the show featured no studio audience, while Snyder would conduct one-on-one interviews Snyder's guest list was often more eclectic and would sometimes include the intellectuals that Carson had long since abandoned with a cigarette in hand. The Late Late Show's second host, Craig Kilbornfollowed a more conventional albeit low-budget late-night format; had previously served as host of The Daily Showa late night satirical news program on Comedy Centraland upon Slot outlets in nigeria departure, Jon Stewart replaced him on that show.

Ed McMahon served as Carson's announcer while from to the band was led by Skitch Hendersonwho hired, among others, Doc Severinsen. The last network attempt at a Carson competitor, CBS's The Pat Sajak Showlasted less than sixteen months, debuting in and being cancelled in jesus slots This garnered major media attention and speculation on who would replace Carson.

Crane's show lasted only six months. Hall's syndicated show, The Arsenio Hall Showbegan in syndication inbecoming more popular among younger viewers than Carson. While numerous hosts Merv Griffin and Dick Cavett being the best-known attempted to compete with Carson, none was ever successful in drawing more viewers than Carson did on Tonight, not even ABC's short-lived revival of Paar's show in using the name Jack Paar Tonite.

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The show returned to the original format that year and slot outlets in nigeria renamed Tonight Starring Jack Paarwith Jack Paar assuming hosting duties. Letterman initially won the late night ratings battle but fell behind Leno in ; Leno generally remained in first place until first leaving Tonight in Carson was incensed that Rivers did not consult him beforehand and never spoke to Rivers again.

Unlike traditional late-night talk shows, Politically Incorrect was a half-hour in length and following a brief host monologue featured a panel of four guests debating topical issues while Maher moderated in a comedic fashion. Severinsen took over inand served as bandleader with the NBC Orchestra.

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NBC felt that Snyder's more conversational style would not bring in enough viewership in the earlier time slot, forcibly changed the show's format to resemble Carson's, and added gossip reporter Rona Barrett slot outlets in nigeria a co-host. Letterman was the first to return on September 17, addressing the situation in an opening monologue.

Eastern time slot to By this point, the Federal Communications Commission had lifted a freeze on new television stations, which allowed new stations to pop up across the country, and television adoption soon grew exponentially. Garry Shandlingwho had been a frequent guest host in the early 80's, served as permanent guest host, alternating with Jay Lenofrom to when he left to focus on his cable show leaving Leno to be Carson's sole guest host.

The show was not popular leading to many NBC affiliates dropping the show. He was noted for his conversational style, relatively highbrow interview guests, feuds with other media personalities his feuds with print journalists Ed Sullivan and Walter Winchell marked a power shift from print to television; Winchell's career never recovered from the damageand mercurial personality; Paar famously quit the show in in a dispute over a censored joke but was allowed to come back a month later.