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She then went missing along with Boo for three months after the destruction of Shadowbolt Tower. From there she headed to Miramare, the former base of operations for Big Macintosh and his marauders. While there, Blackjack found a single survivor who was so startled by Blackjack's newly gained glowing-eye mutation that she shot her in the face, luckily only just grazing Blackjack's cheek.

Blackjack's story ends with her, Littlepip and Rampage looking up at the planet of Equus, healed and with a bright future ahead of it. Sanguine Edit She made it back to Megamart, reuniting with her friends.

Two hundred years later, she would be in a 'Friendship with Benefits' type of relationship with Littlepip, recently emerged from the S. After recovering from her wounds, though severely crippled, Blackjack departed Brimstone's Fall while leaving it under the watchful eye of Dusty Trails.

Blackjack was able to convince her friends of what happened, and they set off to defeat the rogue AI. Blackjack saved Glory and fought her way out, though Operative Lighthooves escaped. Chasing EC Edit Shortly after their encounter with the Crusaders, Blackjack and P found their way to an old Weather Monitoring Station, where some malfunctioning robots had slaughtered a group of strangely under-armed Enclave pegasi.

After a trip to a museum which involved Blackjack getting drunk and killing a group trying to claim the bounty, where she also gelded one of the stallions, Blackjack recovered her equipment after saving a group of ponies from one of the Zodiacs. They also met a zebra named Lancer who claimed to be trying to free the zebra slaves. While on the tracks, however, they had another encounter with U while Blackjack was in a memory orb.

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EC itself, as it turned out, was the key to every secret project Equestria had going during the war. Blackjack and Littlepip would travel to the moon, where they successfully recovered Rampage and broke the talisman keeping her from truly dying. While in the core she had her body stolen by the AI Cognitum, who wished to use Blackjack's identity to further her own plans.

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This was also the first time she used Trottheimer's Follyusing it to destroy a vertibuck, though receiving a deadly dose of taint in the process. Bottlecap had to help sneak Blackjack and the others out, many of those in Megamart interested in the bounty. During this, P was killed and Rampage was left stranded on blackjack queen of the night moon.

They got the program decoded, and discovered they had to return to Stable 99 if they wanted to track its intended destination. Edit Blackjack originally named Go Fish until she changed her name was a security mare in the extremely matriarchal Stable 99, located near Hoofington. That changed, however, when the Enclave betrayed Glory and falsely branded her a Dashite in order to discredit her father, a popular politician.

The group then made their way to Megamart and resupplied, meeting Bottlecap who ran the settlement. She found and captured P, the latest male "breeder" scheduled to be euthanized after leaving her usual card game with the Maintenance department early.

Blackjack would return to Chapel, which Sanguine had attacked and taken hostage. Her friends rushed aboard the Seahorse to get her to Tenpony Tower for treatment, but on route they had to stop briefly and Blackjack was left alone with Scotch Tape.


There she met the Enclave, who were using it as a base. Priest provided Blackjack with a house in Chapel, where she also encountered Lucunaeand she also joined the group. Bandits attacked the ship, and Blackjack told the filly to hide while she held them off despite blackjack queen of the night injuries.

With Watcher's direction, they rescued a group of Crusaders from some raiders, but shortly after Blackjack made a mistake that cost one of the filly's lives, causing the rest of the young ponies to abandon both her and P They broke her horn off, and were about to throw her overboard when her friends returned.

A firefight started, the Enclave arriving and taking Morning Glory. They also had a run in with Stable 99's old U, now working for Deus, and some raiders. They cut a deal with Bottlecap, would decode EC for ten thousand caps, so Blackjack and company took a few jobs to earn the caps needed.

While inside, they discover the fate of Nurse Redheart and are assailed by forty insane foals, trapped in stasis pods. Here they reunited with P, and in a large battle both U and Deus were killed. Blackjack didn't stay phoenix casino citrus heights ca, needing to recover the equipment she lost when she and her friends got separated.

Blackjack's foals would be transferred to Princess Grace, as it was too dangerous for her too keep them. She refused, however, though did meet the one who had sent Deus to take EC in the first place, Sanguine.

However, the raider virus had also managed to infect the remaining dwellers, so Blackjack rescued the only non-infected infected dweller, Scotch Tapeand pumped chlorine into the Stable to kill the rest. Blackjack would then come into conflict with the one who had been manipulating Cognitum, an alien creature called the Eater of Souls, and the source of the enervation.

All but two of the zebras died from their wounds, and Blackjack herself was left at death's door. They defeat the foals, and Blackjack is forced to give them a mercy killing. Here she is met by the town's leader, Priest, who has nursed Blackjack but to perfect health.

Blackjack queen of the night killed the raiders and was going to kill U, but was shot by P before she could, they then allowed U to leave unharmed. Throughout her time in the stable she continually felt her inadequacies compared to her mother and had great difficulty bonding with anypony due to the intimidating nature of her future role as head of security.

After tracking the next location, however, Blackjack left her Pipbuck for her friends to find before departing with the intention of committing suicide.

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Morning Glory, hurt by Blackjack's suicide attempt, called off their relationship for the time being. He turned his gun on Blackjack and the zebras, gunning each and every single one of them down before fleeing.

Blackjack finds out that the two zebras she had traveled with also made it to Chapel, and had settled down there. Encountering Lancer Edit After some travel, the group came across the slaver settlement of Brimstone's fall, where slaves were forced to mine gems under the eyes of the Reaper Gorgon and his slavers. After fighting some slavers, sparing one named Roses who had a daughter named Thorn, Blackjack had a breakdown where she pulled a gun on P and Morning Glory.

Rampage took Blackjack to the Reapers, who offered her a position among their ranks for killing both Gorgon and Deus. She ran out of ammo, and the bandits recognised her as Security. She would die, Princess Luna's soul would pass on, though Blackjack woke up once again in her cloned body.

They were forced to amputate Blackjack's legs, and her condition rapidly declined. With renewed hope, and a will to live, she set out for Megamart to try and patch thing up with her friends. At the beginning of the story she is shown suffering from anxiety about the state of the stable, specifically with regards to it's current condition and the possibility of another revolutionary incident; whenever her mind turns to such things however, she simply remembers the first rule of Slot van een betoog There they met who would become the newest member of their group, Rampage.

She would eventually be named Queen of the Society, also becoming pregnant with P's foals after a threesome between them and Morning Glory. In response, he set a fifty thousand cap bounty on Blackjack, one hundred thousand if she was brought in alive. Blackjack reached Cognitum, only to find that Princess Luna had forced the AI out and taken full control. This led to her using Folly for the final time to destroy the HMS Celestia, which the traitorous ranger Steel Rain was using to bomb the Hoof, and Blackjack was left blind and immobile.

The taint had caused many tumors to form, and she did not have long to live. She was left quite disturbed by her situation, and her rape aboard the Seahorse. This didn't stop her from getting help for a traumatised Morning Glory, and the two re-initiated their relationship.

They nailed her down and raped her for a good hour, which she goaded so they wouldn't find Scotch Tape, even killing one of them with her horn.