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When Constrictor was released inI was very interested in what the album had to offer. Who was to win this battle? Do you see the condescension in my writing?

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I also was very excited to see former Electric Angels guitarist Ryan Roxie as well. This band brings the energy and takes no prisoners when they perform. I think us as the older generation, we see the validity in what is still available to us and we appreciate the past. And for a special treat, they played a brand new song that will be on their new album due out in They weaved their way through their half hour opening slot, delivering some well crafted original music that was reminiscent of some early rock, like a Led Zeppelin type vibe and the multi tasking complexities of Rush but mixed with a new and current freshness that was certainly well received by their audience.

But wait, was it possible?

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Once I would see that first show, I was hooked. For someone who plays so very fast, I find it strange that it works for her, but it does, so who am I to criticize? With that said, the six row seats were actually perfect. Holding what seems to his head, blood still dripping.

Crown Lands perform at Casino Rama. Olivier and myself were seated directly in front of guitarist Roxie, six rows back directly next to the aisle. So as the years following passed by, I would really discover the world of Alice Cooper. With his long black hair, big sideburns and a stuffed fox attached to his guitar strap, it is hard to not take notice. What I had first thought was annoying was just her way of interacting with the crowd.

It was a great way to start our weekend.

This song is counted in by drummer Glen Sobel casino rama concert reviews the cowbell. It was a combination of his rock star attire, his cool swagger and his overall playing. The show started just after 9 pm. And the crowd was loving every expletive laden minute of it. Not only is she very beautiful, but she has her playing to back up any misconceptions or questions pertaining to her presence within the Alice Cooper band.

Of course, it is also hard to not take notice of Mr. It really blew me away.


I had seen so much written about her talent that it was only natural that I was intrigued to what she had to offer. Her left hand was very slanted, with her thumb very far over the neck. Heavy metal always went hand in hand with horror movies. We were lucky to grow up when we did.

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I was very curious to see female guitar virtuoso Nita Strauss. This is a man that knows his job and does it very well. Cooper was quickly put into a strait jacket.

Of course, it had been some time. It was obvious it was finished, with the only person really wanting to be there being Nikki Sixx. The Trash and Hey Stoopid albums are ones that I played on a regular basis on my stereo.

It was a loud, literally in your face, hard rocking Headstones musical attack on the senses. It sure seemed that way to me.

So it was only natural that an artist like Alice Cooper would play a role in having his music in one of these classic films. How would our hero or villain depending on your take recover? The show must go on.

Feel the blood, sweat and tears of the show, but for me that was when I was younger.

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Such an epic song that really adds to the show. Beasto Blanco, bassist Chuck Garric. Headstones perform at Casino Rama. Not to mention the standard microphone and mic stand abuse that Dillon dishes out every night.

At first, I thought her performance was annoying. Somehow Cooper had been taken captive. It is at this point in the show where things become dark and uncomfortable. Cooper is the king of shock rock. Immediately the sold out crowd is enthralled by what is taking place. Casino rama concert reviews executed theatrical rock at its finest.

And the opening band, Crown Lands: At first, I thought this is very odd and almost uncomfortable. What I did find was that her guitar sound was very muddied by multiple effects, making it hard to decipher her every note. I really wanted to see this version casino rama concert reviews the band myself and look at it objectively with no comparison casino rama concert reviews previous shows.

The part that stands out to me the most is where the young, sex craved adolescent boy is driving a motorhome through the forest of Camp Crystal Lake. I love its heaviness.

I cannot begin to mention how many times I have watched that movie.

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And on the other a two piece unit that has been around for under 3 years. This would be my first introduction to the Alice Cooper stage show. At this point in the show, it was the spot where I would generally go get a beer.