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Double slot pistol, pistol-flex football formation - wikipedia

Secondly, we wanted him to be able to work to a corner route if that was what the WR was doing. OC's that find this player aggressive will try to throw behind him. I have been a part of staffs that tried to put in the "defense of the week" vs.

After selling the sweep, the quarterback continues his spin and makes an inside handoff to the opposite slot.

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I coach the defense for a varisty high school team and we play against the leading quarterback in the state in two weeks. This was based around the motion that is ingrained in all Flexbone offenses. The slot will delay to check for blitz, and then run a seam route. The also did some crossing routes from the slot receivers.

The drawback is that you have to rep the reads of the secondary constantly so they become second nature when facing this type of offense. The front side receiver will run an influence crack on the force defender and head straight up the seam.

That leaves you 5 in the box to play nothing but run, the ability to blitz from the edges. QB Power Weiner likes to call this on the goal line because it is the most downhill aggressive run in his package. The play side tackle, guard and center will pass block for two counts then release with the double slot pistol blocking the corner support, the guard filling the alley and the center pulls around chalet casino charlevoix hinges picking up any backside pursuit See Diagram 8.

The closer to the LOS this player gets the harder it is for him to recover and defend the flats. However, Cover 3 is can be weak vs.

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Both wingbacks are traditional I back types, most likely the first and second team halfback, while the fullback is a conventional fullback and the best blocker on the team. I build defending the triple option into my base defense, because in my opinion it's the most difficult of all offenses to stop.

Like I stated earlier, the top goal of any defense when facing this offense is to get more bodies across the crease than the offense can block.

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Later I will talk about: Basically it's the best of both worlds. There are numerous arguments for or against this, and I'm really on the fence with this one. The backside receiver can run anything from a fade, dig, corner or drag See Diagram 6. Well, I've always been partial to the rotational Cover 3, and I'll tell you why.

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The receivers split will fluctuate, depending on the play they are running. Because of common pull and trap schemes in the spin offense, the offensive line will line up with two foot splits and as deep off the ball as possible.

The other item we wanted him to be able to get to was the seam by the slot that didn't motion.

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If there was no motion, on the snap, the safety's eyes would flash to the near slot. Don't say "we don't see that offense" and let the Flexbone rear it's ugly head in the playoffs Again, double slot pistol with simplicity! The center blocks back for the pulling backside guard who wraps around and leads up on the play side linebacker in a look. The results have been tremendous. The fullback will fill backside C gap for the pulling tackle.

Any help would be appreciated. However, these techniques never yielded me much success not saying it can't be done, my goodness look what Iowa did to Georgia Tech with Cover 2. In my opinion this rotating secondary scheme gave you the best of both worlds. We play primarily cover 3 but I am a little worried about their crossing combinations and us passing off to other zones.

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They just have to try and stop it. I have yet to illustrate some other key points. Last, the simplistic nature of all this, was built into our defense from double slot pistol one. The play side slot runs a reverse away with a token fake and the play side receiver pushes his man vertical then runs directly at the near safety, escorting the QB to the end zone.

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Reverse left the backfield action resembles a spin sweep to the right with the left slot coming in arc motion and faking the sweep. The front side guard and tackle will combo block the first down defender up through the first backside linebacker, while the fullback kicks out the EMLOS end man on line of scrimmage.

Also, to make matters more difficult, I scouted this team today and when their quarterback is pressured or blitzed he is extemely elusive and hard to bring down.