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But as per my taste Its a great move from boring classic icon based interfaces to a metro look android device.

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The loudspeaker is loud enough to watch videos and call quality is also loud and clear. The phone has a good build quality and the screen is also surprisingly good at this price. Some Asha phones offer dual-SIM support. You also get a one-year warranty on Nokia phones, plus good after sales services. However I have not tried any high end games on this phone.

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Cheap Nokia phones in addition to being cheap also offer flashlight, dust-resistance keymat, and long battery life. The only drawback is non availability of Google apps which is bad as we are all used to multiple Google services in our lives particularly Google now and the maps. The ui is unique for an android device but it is pretty straightforward and easy to use.

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The phone comes preloaded with lots of games mostly junk. Ok, I'm expressing something why one may opt nokia x series phone. Cheap Nokia Phones Nokia has always had a tradition of launching phones specifically for emerging markets some historic examples include the Nokia and Nokia cheap Nokia phones, which were arguably the most popular original mobile phones in Nigeria in their days and more recently the Nokia People please stay away from this one as it is a sheer waste of money.

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Newer models like the Nokia Asha adds features like swap motion. At last i came to this conclusion that a user will not have to buy Nokia X as it gives very bad performance.

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Latest models like Lumia, and run on Windows Phone 8. And also it is not looking same as lumia UI. Now some points for those who interested to buy this device but little bit confused. When buying Nokia phones in Nigeria, it is advisable to buy from an authorised Nokia phones dealer.

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Nokia have also started adding some advanced features formerly reserved for Nokia Lumia phones and Symbian to Nokia phones in the Asha range. Its a great thing. I cracked my screen last week: It looks very good in hands from outside. Yes No 11 out of 11 people found this review helpful D Good phone marred by microsoft restrictions By Debojyoti Kundu 8 May I got my nokia x few weeks back for my father at 7k and I am quite happy with my decision.

Nokia exclusive apps Nokia Extended Warranty service up to 3 years These Nokia phones are cheap without compromising in quality and they offered record battery life.

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The phone heats up a lot and call quality is not up to mark. First lane the advanced notifier 2. Needless to say, I am disappointed by the purchase. Their relatively low price point, quality build, and advanced technology makes them very popular amongst consumers in Nigeria. Less battery consume as heavy google devices outed 5. However you can sideload apps apk and run them if they are supported.

There are several flaws, fastlane is just meaningless. Batteries for your phones come with 6 months warranty, while you get at least 3 months warranty on your phones charger. The device runs smoothly with some occasional lags when multiple apps are open. Yes No 4 out of 5 people found this review helpful R Not worth a buy!!! Here Navigation System I give it 9. Nokia Nokia xl slot nigeria is only good looking phone but not a good phone for its performance.

The Nokia app store has a decent number of popular apps which are enough for most users.

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Supports All android apps So, One request to those, who are writing bad comments without using it, please don't do it. Yes No 2 out of 3 people found this review helpful. Outlook the better mailing experience with Microsoft 4. OneDrive Free cloud space to store personal data 3. Overall a nice phone in this budget if you are not too much into gaming and dont bother about tons of apps.

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